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Samson: Victims of demonstrations rise to 40 martyrs

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2019/10/26 7:57
According to security and medical sources, on Saturday, the number of victims of demonstrations to 40 martyrs.

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The sources told (Euphrates News) that “the number of victims of the demonstrations rose to 40 martyrs.”
The capital Baghdad and the provinces have witnessed several popular demonstrations since Friday, during which martyrs and wounded, including security elements.  LINK
Salamon69:  As Kim Clement prophesied…  when things seem at their worst is when the blessing will come and a new beginning will emerge..
Don961:  FOR STUDY …Chapter VII
Article 39
The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security.
To read more:  https://www.un.org/en/sections/un-charter/chapter-vii/

Samson:  Injured by targeting a building in Basra province with a bomb and burning party headquarters in Babylon
26th October, 2019
The building of the province of Basra in southern Iraq on Friday evening was attacked by a grenade.
An official security source told Shafaq News that unidentified gunmen threw an offensive pomegranate inside the building of Basra province, wounding several associates and demonstrators.
In the meantime, protesters in the province of Babylon burned the office of MP Sadiq Madlul al-Sultani, headquarters of the Reform Movement, the headquarters of the rule of law in addition to storming the Office of the Bashaer movement and smashing its contents, and attack the house of Raad al-Jubouri, Chairman of the Council of Babylon.   LINK
Dan:  CBI can’t have it both ways.Telling the citizens to calm down so you can give them what belongs to them. If you gave them what belongs to them in the first place none of this BS would have ever happened.
Eagle1958:  Spot on.  Imo, the cbi is not without fault here.  If i were the citizens, id be on the doorsteps of the cbi building ready to burn it down next. The only action the cbi & the govt of iraq understand is boots to asses.  Until someone REALLY HOLDS THEIR PARTS TO THE FIRE, it will always be promise big, but deliver slow or not at all.
Tommy17:  IMO a new caretaker government for the people of Iraq needs the be placed. They need to get rid of the Iranian rats in their government   Then the new government needs to implement the reforms that the citizens have asked to be completed    The citizens gave them to the 25th and nothing was done ‘was very concerning to me.  I know the cbi is in control of monetary reforms , but man are they slow!!!!
ChrisC:  What isn’t FULLY appreciated by most here is the chainsaw juggling act that is going on right now.  ALL of these saws are running full blast and could cut the arm off of the juggler.  Front and center for most is the Iraq/Iran situation and, understandably, most think it is all about that.  It is NOT imo.  There is the banking collapse which now some of you are more aware of and some wish I would quit mentioning.  Some deer stand in the road and some don’t.  There is the GROSS amount of corruption in our govt tied to the GROSS corruption in the EU.  Trump is juggling all of these chainsaws all while having a bunch of chihuahuas chewing on his legs with the threat of impeachment.  If any of you think he took this job on out of greed or ego, you are wrong.  IMO.
Samson::  Iraq is now and this system is not a system
20th October, 2019 by Dr. Emad Abdul Latif Salem
Latif Salem
No one in Iraq today, especially the younger generation, who did not know the details of the previous tyranny, wants to overthrow the current “regime”. These oppressed youth (poor, deprived, obstructed horizons) want a “system” that serves their interests (the legitimate “interests” of ordinary “citizens”). The extravagant homeland cake, strangled by knives from all over the world, has nothing in their stomachs and those of their hungry families.
They only discovered (in a moment of noble anger) the meaning (and magnitude) of the lies that had been inflicted on them for nearly two decades of lost age and lost time. This “system” that exists now is simply not a system and the reasons are as follows:
• The current political “regime” in Iraq, now in power and wealth, is unable to offer anything positive to its citizens, except for the few “lucky” ones.
This ruling system cannot create jobs, because it is a system based entirely on oil revenues and neglects other “core” productive sectors, which are the main creators of income and jobs.
This “system” cannot promote the basic productive sectors, because it depends on the financing of the reasons for its survival on the “arms” import everything, and therefore does not allow, and will not allow, to produce anything. The sources of power and wealth here come mainly from the revenue from imports. A foreign “importer” kills the national “product”, especially if the importation is unstable, and is not subject to sound economic account logic.
• This “system” finances its imports through the receipt of oil revenues, and then distributed a significant part of them to the “commercial arms” associated with it. These robust economic “arms” break all foreign trade “joints” and controls through their (direct and indirect) control of all of Iraq’s “trade” outlets with the world.
The most that this regime can do for its citizens is an unfair and inefficient distribution of more than half of the oil revenues as “privileges” for a few “beneficiaries”, as well as “disguised” unemployment benefits for a vast army of employees and retirees, and a distribution of Remains of the “crumbs” on those covered by the social “maintenance” system.
• This political “system” becomes (when threatened by its very existence) a “patriarchal” system, which relies on containing its opponents on the notorious method of gifts, gifts and “honors” and tries to circumvent its “complex” structural crises and escape From its current crisis (the biggest and most serious of its crises against its poor citizens), by adopting short-term “arrangements” based on more “distribution” of rent (by “distributing” the remaining state land in the margins of “forgotten cities for decades, and distributing” Subsidies “to the unemployed,” “distribution” of job grades, and “distribution” of houses that have not yet been built ..), not through “Astra” Ejiat “and” plans “and policies, working to build a productive economy, and the creation of income-generating activities” permanent, “sustainable.
It declares its “intention” to implement these “arrangements”, without referring to the determinants and complexities of the “environment” in which it operates, how it funds all these proposed “solutions”, without verifying the timeframe to accomplish this, and without paying attention to The disastrous consequences of such “long-term” arrangements.
• This “political” system is not based on a “economic” system with a specific purpose, nor is it based on clearly defined policies and strategies that work to achieve higher “sovereign” objectives, agreed upon by key elements of the political system, all of which should have been It takes place within the framework of the “systems” of the modern state and its effective institutions, not through the “systems” and “values” of the pre-state, which have been overtaken by other countries for centuries.
• The existing “economic system” is a system of “deals”, which are carried out in the manner of pre-modern bazaars, shorjas and shops. What creates jobs, and sustains income, is the modern economic system, not the notorious “entrepreneurs”, multilateral “servant” deals and “notorious” auctions.
• This political system cannot build and manage this modern “economic system”, and it is not in its interest in the end to do so.
• Corruption is the main driver of the mechanisms of the current political system and is an essential part of its general structure. If corruption is eliminated by breaking up its infrastructure, the entire system will collapse. So, obviously, this system doesn’t allow it.
• This political system does not believe in democracy and the peaceful transfer of power. He uses democratic “means” to seize power. When this “democracy” threatens the deep and deep foundations of this power, it will immediately become a bloody-authoritarian-theocratic regime.

• This system is not “young”. This system is aging every day by a thousand years.
Therefore, this “regime” does not trust young people, is afraid of them, doubts their motives, challenges the sincerity of their search for better opportunities to live in dignity in their homeland, and “kills them” through the syndrome of frustration, despair, ignorance, ignorance and lack of horizon. He cuts off the means of creativity, leadership and leadership.
• This “system” will not allow “young experts” (and we have dozens of different disciplines, some of whom have received the highest academic degrees, and received the highest academic titles) to play their part in the policy-making process in this country .. and therefore will not be allowed to work effectively In the process of its construction, development and revival.
• This “system” is based on “quotas” and allows the creation and reproduction of “ministers” who came from nowhere and turned the ministries (which need the best scientific and professional expertise and skills) into sectarian, ethnic, family and regional “feudalities” controlled by “office managers”. “, So that the government shifted from the government of” ministers”, to the government of” office managers.”
This “system” expels the “good currency” from the market .. And gives “bad currency” all the reasons for the power to go to the market, and cramming all the beautiful minds in a narrow corner, from the corners of this great “cave” of Iraq.
The “protesters” demands for the disastrous performance of this system for sixteen years are not “demands” of a “one dimension” for a “one spectrum” population. They are “multidimensional” rights that shape the future destiny of the entire people. The existing political system is able to contain it easily, and use it to reproduce the “faces”, “arrangements” and “systems” themselves and to “recycle” them again.
• This “system” cannot provide a solution to any problem, however minor. This is a crisis system. Its crisis lies in its severe imbalance and its structural social stress, due to the very conditions of its formation.
• This “system” is a big and serious “problem”. Can this “problem” itself be the source of the solution? This is what you will answer for the coming days.   LINK
ChrisC:  This is WHY  the protests were initiated.  I am paraphrasing, but it is like in our Declaration of Independence where it says people are willing to take a certain level of abuse just to stay with something that they know,
” But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security”. 
The people had to be shown they aren’t sheep because Iran says they are.  If they had been given wealth without realizing this then Iran would have kept stealing from them and bullying them.  They aren’t going to bully them anymore and we can withdraw with a greater degree of safety now.  IMO.
Popeye7:  Yes Chris… Excellent, and insightful post… I stated in PM that as sad as this all is, it had to be done for Iraq’s liberation… This is the world we live in, and there are times when rising up is necessary if freedom is to be accomplished… While this occurs, lives will be lost… It is not just about the money… In fact, it is something far greater so as to ensure Iraq’s begins anew without so much corruption through tyranny… Thanks, and God bless…

Suzie:  I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around any kind of monetary ri/rv at the present time with all the upheaval going on.  The time to have done this was after the FIRST protest/demonstration where the GOI knew the people were serious.  Now it’s showing me how little they care.  After a dozen plus years on this speculative investment I’ve seen things get close but “no cigar”.  They need to act and act now before they totally implode, JUST MY OPINION…..
ChrisC:  I can use all sorts of analogies all day with this….we are the Untouchables, Iran is Capone, we are the Fellowship of the Ring and Iran is Sauron and the orcs, etc., we are Van Helsing and Iran is Dracula, but the best to understand the situation is our own Revolution.  Iran HAD to be removed and that means all of their govt puppets as well as their militias.
Things are NOT bad and they are NOT going to implode.  NOTHING was EVER going to work if Iran had not been removed and now they are on their way out and if they drag, I am sure we will help the Iraqis with a boot courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.
Gentle people think things get done by hugging it out, I get that, but it isn’t reality.
The protesters died to give their children, their wives, their moms and dads, and their fellow countrymen and women a future.  Nobody wants to die, but I am sure many of them would have echoed Patrick Henry “Give me Liberty or give me Death” and Nathan Hale when he said “I regret that I have but one life to give for my Country!”.
They are heroes and will be remembered by all Iraqis for their sacrifice.  IMO.
** ************
Don961:  Calls for international intervention to protect Iraqis from Iran’s armed militia and its arms in government
Saturday, October 26, 2019
Baghdad – Writings
Demonstrators in Iraq called on the international community to intervene urgently to protect the Iraqi people from the systematic killing and liquidation carried out by the Iranian militia in the country in cooperation with some security elements of the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.
Demonstrators called on the international community to act to protect them from the militia and government killing machine that killed more than 31 Iraqis and injured hundreds during the uprising in which they declared their rejection of the current government and Iran’s domination of Iraqi wealth during protests since the early hours of 25 October 2019.
The demonstrators shouted strongly against Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Karbala and tore up his pictures in the holy city of the Shiite component.   LINK
Samson:  Improve people’s lives does not need a magic wand !
20th October, 2019 by Mohammed Abdul Jabbar Carp
People revolt because of poverty, hunger, corruption, injustice, etc. They revolt in order to improve their living conditions and lives, and often the central link is that they have access to honest jobs, sufficient income and good services. These are all things that can be provided with varying degrees of ease or difficulty, depending on the country’s resources and the ability of its people to work. The quality of life can be improved without the need for a magic wand in the hands of the ruler or administrator. I say this about practical experience. I worked to increase the salaries of the staff of the media network when I took over, taking advantage of the legal tools that were available then, including the financial capacity of the state. I did not need a magic wand, but a legal article in force!
The people in this revolution against hunger, poverty, talm and corruption are absolutely right and cannot and should not be blamed for this.
They are waiting for the existing and ruling authorities in their country to do something to satisfy them, remove injustice and injustice from them, and fight the corruption that impoverished them and discriminated against them. When the authorities fail to do so, people revolt not only against hunger, but also against the authorities. Here is the sound of the popular slogan: People want to overthrow the regime.
But for this slogan to be feasible, the people must know the alternative system that can actually improve their standard of living, otherwise it is not reasonable for a person to demolish a house without equipping the alternative house.
The human experience has shown that the best of human life is to be improved in a modern civilized state because this formula guarantees the protection of human dignity and the protection of human dignity, without injustice, discrimination or corruption.
On October 1, young men and boys took to the streets because they realized they were facing an uncertain future and suffered a bitter present. But they have the freedom to demonstrate and protest, and they resorted to using this legal right to claim their natural rights. They have no other choice.
But what we have to focus on now is that demonstrations and protests should be for life, not for death, for victory, not for martyrdom, for a modern civilized state capable of improving human life and not for a state that reproduces tyranny, backwardness, dictatorship and corruption. Injustice and confiscation of freedoms. This is not possible under a rudimentary, backward, corrupt, undemocratic and uncivilized political class. Hence, the long-term strategic goal of social mobility should be to establish the modern civilized state, the general framework for achieving all other political, social, economic and service objectives.

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We may see this goal away or difficult. This is true, it is not an easy target near, but it is not impossible, and certainly does not need a magic wand.  LINK

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