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Popeye7: I was holding out hope that Mahdi, after having signed all of the agreements with the Chinese, and other countries in order to prepare to help the people he was governing… Sad, and in my mind, does not make sense…

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Why bother preparing, only to jerk the proverbial rug out from underneath the Iraqi citizen?… As Frank pointed out, Mahdi has made some asinine statements during these protests… Which again does not make sense to me…
Is there another reason the Iraqi PM is making himself look like the bad guy in the eyes of the Iraqi citizen, and those paying attention to what is transpiring within Iraq?… Is he being used by the Iranian government, or is he willingly being used to draw out the Iranian influence within Iraq?…

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The one thing that still puzzles me is that the Kurds were willing to work with Mahdi in order to unite themselves with Baghdad for the betterment of the Iraqi citizen… But the Kurdish leadership did not want to work with former PM Abadi… All IMO…
Anyway, lots of perplexity in the land of Babel… But it stands to reason as Babel mean confusion…

Samson:  Thousands in Diwaniya sit in the middle of the “clock”
12th November, 2019
Thousands of demonstrators arrived in the center of Diwaniya, demanding the provision of services and the elimination of unemployment and rampant corruption in state institutions.
The source told Twilight News that thousands of protesters were in the square, opposite the headquarters of the local government in the city of Diwaniya.
On Tuesday, protesters blocked the bridges of civilizations and victory in the center of Nasiriyah.
Security forces killed at least 147 protesters in protests in Baghdad and Iraq’s southern cities in early October, and more than 100 were killed in a second wave since 25 October.  LINK
Don961:  Urgent Pompeo condemns Abdul Mahdi’s crackdown on demonstrators and urges him to take these immediate steps
Date: 2019/11/12 21:35
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounced the “suppression” of demonstrators in Iraq.
A statement by US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortigas on Pompeo’s phone call with Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi said Pompeo stressed that “peaceful demonstrations are an essential element in all democracies.”

Pompeo denounced “the death toll among demonstrators as a result of the repression by the Iraqi government and the use of lethal force against them, as well as reports of the kidnapping of demonstrators.”
He urged US Secretary of State Abdul Mahdi to “take immediate steps to address the legitimate grievances of the demonstrators by enacting reforms and addressing corruption.”
Pompeo reaffirmed the United States’ continued commitment to supporting a strong, sovereign and prosperous Iraq based on the Strategic Framework Agreement signed between the two countries. ”
Pompeo also pledged to continue supporting Iraqi security forces in the fight against ISIS.   LINK
Samson:  The UN representative arrives at the parliament building
13:59 – 13/11/2019
The United Nations representative in Iraq, Jenin Blachart, arrived on Wednesday, to the House of Representatives to participate in today’s meeting and discuss the file of demonstrations.
A parliamentary source told the / information /, that “the representative of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Blachart arrived in the House of Representatives just before the prelude to participate in today’s meeting.”
The MP Mohammed al-Khalidi, in a statement earlier to the / information / Parliament’s intention to vote on a series of new reforms submitted by the government during today’s meeting, indicating that the representative of the United Nations will put its initiative on demonstrations to parliament. LINK

Don961:  Reducing inflation corrects economic plans
Tuesday, November 12, 201
Inflation is defined as a continuous rise in the general level of prices. The rise is always associated with a continuous decline in the value of money.
Inflation rates are governed by a range of factors, including the country’s monetary policy, the size of GDP, the balance of trade with other countries, the country’s self-sufficiency rates of industrial and agricultural goods and products, and population growth rates.
Inflation comes from the large and persistent demand for goods and products and the lack of supply, because of the imbalance between supply and demand in favor of demand, leading to a cumulative rise in prices of goods, products and services and a successive decline in purchasing power للنقود.
Inflation is also an economic phenomenon to which the various countries of the world are subjected to their different capitalist or targeted economy.
Inflation causes negative economic and social impacts on members of society of varying intensity, which requires work to reduce these negative effects, both economic and social.
Inflation in development has a negative impact, particularly on government economic policies and plans due to price differentials between the estimates made in the economic plans for their implementation and the changing reality due to higher prices resulting from inflation.
Therefore, it is necessary to work by the competent authorities in Iraq to reduce the high inflation rates and work to control, and always be within the reasonable and economically acceptable and not be very negative effects in order to reduce its economic and social consequences, because of the other negative effects of inflation Increasing the financial gap between the wealthy and low-income people in favor of the first category due to the erosion of the savings of these individuals due to the price increases to them, which means increasing the impoverishment of the poor and increasing the wealth of the wealthy and causing an increase in the class gap between the layers of society, leading To increase disadvantage among many groups in the society.
Controlling inflation is very important in order to continue working to achieve economic development and the well-being of the members of society resulting from the stability of prices and enable the majority of citizens to buy goods and services at prices Acceptable.
Inflation rates can be reduced by reforming fiscal and monetary policies and using financial and monetary instruments in a correct manner, thereby reducing inflation rates and achieving control over these rates and keeping them within the economically permissible limits.
Therefore, it is necessary to develop plans to get rid of this economic problem of social dimensions in Iraq and not to make it have significant negative effects, and does not allow them to influence the policies of economic reform and economic development negatively, and can benefit from the results of scientific economic research in the development of these plans and divided The experience of other countries that succeeded in getting rid of the problem of inflation, taking into account the special economic conditions and capabilities of Iraq, can be used to achieve success in efforts to get rid of inflation. Form Inflation.  LINK
 Iraqi American National Friendship Association thanks White Houce concerns to events in Iraq
Tuesday، 12 November 2019 01:32 AM
The Iraqi American National Association sent a letter to President Trump thanking him for the White House concerns to the ongoing events in Iraq.
The message was as follows:

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Dear Mr. President,
As you are well aware that Iraqi demonstrations that started since October 1st have been brutally attacked by the Iraqi regime and their militias working under the guidance and instructions of Iranian general Qasem Suliamani who is on the US terrorist list. More than 300 innocent protesters have been killed, over 15 thousands injured and hundreds detained and kidnapped.
We are very encouraged and excited by the White House statement issued yesterday by Stephanie Grisham that shows your administration’s concerns to these events and your call on the rest of the international community to join you in supporting a better future for the Iraqi people.
The people of Iraq are simply fed up with this corrupt regime that has been funneling billions of dollars every year to the Iranian regime evading the US sanctions while our people in Iraq lack basic services of water, power, health and education and employment.
The free Iraqi people are requesting the US administration to take immediate action in supporting them in:
– Closing all militias.
– Getting rid of Iranian personnel and influence.
– Resignation of this sectarian government.
– Dissolve the corrupt parliament.
– Establish a transitional government of technocrats, professionals and senior military individuals that have no affiliation to any of the existing religious and political parties.
– Rewrite the constitution away from religious and ethnic quota.
– Have a new free election under the supervision of the United Nations.
Your Administration involvement is eagerly needed.
Thank you.
Raymond George
Secretary General
Iraqi American Friendship Society     LINK

Don961:  Parliament finishes first reading of a proposal concerning the central bank
2019/11/13 17:42
The House of Representatives, on Wednesday, the first reading of a proposal concerning the Central Bank.
A parliamentary source said that “Parliament has completed the first reading of the proposed amendment to the law of the third amendment to the Central Bank of Iraq issued by order No. (56) for the year 2004 from the Coalition Provisional Authority (dissolved).” 
Pursuant to my authority as Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and under the laws and usages of war, and consistent with relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions, including Resolution 1483 (2003),
Having worked closely with the Governing Council to ensure that economic change occurs in a manner acceptable to the people of Iraq,
Acknowledging the Governing Council’s desire to bring about significant change to the Iraqi economic system,
Determined to stabilize domestic prices and to foster an economic climate conducive to the establishment of a stable and competitive market economy,
Recognizing the problems arising from the former regime’s policies regarding governance of the Central Bank of Iraq,
Further recognizing the CPA’s obligation to provide for the effective administration of Iraq, to ensure the well being of the Iraqi people and to enable the social functions and normal transactions of every day life,
Recalling that U.N. Security Council Resolution 1483 (2003) called upon the CPA to promote economic reconstruction and the conditions for sustainable development,
Acting in a manner consistent with the Report of the Secretary General to the Security Council of July 17, 2003, concerning the need for the development of Iraq and its transition from a non-transparent centrally planned economy to a market economy characterized by sustainable economic growth through the establishment of a dynamic private sector, and the need to enact institutional and legal reforms to give it effect,
Having coordinated with the international financial institutions, as referenced in paragraph 8(e) of the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1483,
I hereby promulgate the following:
Section 1 Purpose
This Order establishes a safe, sound, and independent Central Bank for the purposes of achieving and maintaining domestic price stability, fostering and maintaining a stable and competitive market-based financial system, and promoting sustainable growth, employment, and prosperity in Iraq.
Section 2 Central Bank Law
The Central Bank of Iraq Law attached to this Order in Annex A shall have the full force and effect of law.
Section 3 General Provisions
The term “Appointing Authority” shall mean the Administrator in consultation with the Governing Council, during the period prior to the transfer of full governmental authority to the transitional Iraqi administration and the recognition of the sovereignty of that administration by the CPA.
Those actions to be taken by “upon the recommendation of the Appointing Authority and confirmation by the Legislature” under the Central Bank of Iraq Law in Annex A shall be undertaken upon the recommendation of the Governing Council and confirmation by the Administrator, during the period prior to the transfer of full governmental authority to the transitional Iraqi administration and the recognition of the sovereignty of that administration by the CPA. Likewise, during the that period, those actions requiring nomination by the Appointing Authority and confirmation by the Legislature shall be undertaken by way of nomination by the Governing Council and confirmation by the Administrator.
Those actions to be taken by the Legislature by itself shall be undertaken by the Governing Council with the approval of Administrator during the period prior to the transfer of full governmental authority to the transitional Iraqi administration and the recognition of the sovereignty of that administration by the CPA.
Section 4 Nominations
The Governing Council shall forward nominees for the Governor, the Deputy Governors and the other members of the Board of the Central Bank to the Administrator for his approval within one month of the date of the signing of this Order. Should the Governing Council fail to forward such a list of nominees to the Administrator within this time period, the Administrator shall nominate and appoint

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CPA/ORD/1 March 2004/56   link
MilitiaMan:  WOW! This one has all that we need in it.. MARKET ECONOMY! Not at 1190 you don’t. lol ~ MM
2Cents:  Hey MM, Just to point out that IMO this appears to be what was agreed and voted in 2004 on which today they did a first reading to amend……
DinarDiva1:  Thanks so much for the comments! How many times do they have to vote on it ?
2Cents:  Hey DD, IMO, they voted on the original in 2004 and have amended it two times since.  I vaguely remember the last time which I believe was to solidify the autonomy of the CBI…It was a couple years ago and had us all excited…I have not seen what this Amendment today was to be for which has me “curious” especially in light of no Sales posted YET for today…..
Giants:  Thanks 2, IMO, and let’s wait and see, since this is an amendment we don’t need 3 read throughs to be a law. Therefore, if this could be one of the laws you mentioned that could be voted on tomorrow.  ( if I’m wrong, pleas feel free to correct me) but if this is the case everything the CBI is doing with the auctions could make since.  But let’s wait and see before anyone gets too excited.  But all looks like things are coming to an end especially since an article came out today saying that the budget will be ready at the end of this month.  And many agree that the 2020 budget should have a new market rate.
2Cents:  Great points Giants!!!….IMO, the Amendment will need a 2nd Reading and can then move to vote……And, I think they have to go at least 48 hours between the First and Second Readings, it may be longer but i am unsure.  That  is why I think it could be voted Saturday
Let’s also not forget the Kurds are supposed to come in this week to hopefully finalize an agreement on all things.  And Barzani met with the 3 presidents today which I believe was to lay the groundwork for the working group.

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